Solution-Focused Brief Coaching

9 days of Coaching Plain and Simple


In this course you will discover the essential success factors of being brief and effective as a coach. With the surprisingly simple and straightforward methods of the solutions focused coaching-approach, you get the instruments to address the heart of the matter quickly.

This training will enable you to be more relaxed and minimalistic in your coaching, while getting increased feedback from your clients.


You are…

a coach, consultant or a manager with coaching responsibilities. You wish to be even more efficient in your work and find simple and refreshing ways to identify and strengthen resources, setting goals and support progress.


You will…

discover, experience and practice Brief Coaching, become competent with the essential tools, and receive coaching, feedback and support throughout the training. You will learn how to perform simply and effectively as a Brief Coach.

Perhaps you will also challenge your existing beliefs about how to be useful as a coach and open up a wider range of professional choices for yourself.


Your benefit as…

New Coach

who will learn a straightforward procedure that brings results. This training provides theory and practice, practice, practice, so that you can support clients and co-create the discovery of solutions.

Experienced Coach

who wishes to navigate a changing landscape and experience a gain in effectiveness. Solution-focused Brief Coaching brings a paradigm shift and a thrill of discovery; it builds on existing competence with renewed curiosity.

Company or Organisation

that wishes to expand the capabilities of its managers, enhance results, orientation and sustain follow-through. Brief-coach methods can invigorate operational climates in times of change and boost performance of individuals or teams.

  • 9 days of training (4 x 2 days + 1 day oral examination/live coaching)
  • 71 ACSTH – Approved Coach Specific Training Hours
  • Between the modules there will be online interactive webinar-meetings
  • At the end, you will have accomplished an ICF approved training that can lead you right to a certification as an Associate Certified Coach, ACC, and further on to Professional Certified Coach, PCC, at ICF. Contact us for details.

Certified Solutionsurfers trainer Jesper H Christiansen, PCC, a member of the Solutionsurfers Faculty, will run the training.


To be announced end year


24.000 + VAT (30.000

The price includes:

  • the book Coaching Plain and Simple by Dr. Peter Szabó and Daniel Meier
  • all teaching resources / documents
  • all meals and refreshments throughout the course
  • all online interactive webinar-meetings It is possible to pay in instalments. Please note that you can ask for a price reduction if more of you are attending together.

The training will take place at La Oficina, Suomisvej 4, 1927 Frederiksberg C (Copenhagen).

Training details
Training details
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