Transforming Solution Focused Dialogues

Dialogic Orientation Quadrant (DOQ) at Work

Despite its prestigious title, the Dialogic Orientation Quadrant is a simple tool (heuristic) for studying interactions that you can use for learning, researching, and sharing your practice.

The DOQ makes what happens in our coaching conversations visible as we can review it bit by bit or sentence by sentence.

By recording, transcribing and thoroughly analyzing our own – real or alternative – (coaching) conversations, we become observers of our work and experts in observation at the same time. We might understand how the things we usually refer to as “gut feeling”, “magic” or “the art of coaching” work in a dialogue setting. We might observe what we actually do to create and maintain these magical moments and process of co-construction – in every second of the conversation.

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A Two-day workshop with


Haesun Moon


May 16.-17th, 2022, in Malmö

Fee: 4.000 SEK (Swedish Kronar) + 25% VAT


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About the workshop

We will take a deeper look at how dialogue works so that you can use the following resources immediately in your personal life and professional practice.

In this highly interactive workshop, we will take a deeper look at how dialogue works so that you can use the following resources immediately in your personal life and professional practice:

  • Establishing an individual baseline for learning Solution Focused Dialogue
  • Using video data for mentoring (including peer-mentoring) and self-study
  • Understanding various tools of co-construction and the functions of the practitioner’s moment-by-moment contribution
  • Applying the Dialogic Orientation Quadrant (DOQ) to map the content, movements, revisions, and functions
  • Recording video sessions optimized for self-review and research

The workshop will be useful for you, if you are:

  • a (highly) experienced coach who wants to gain new perspectives and be more conscious about how you create value for your clients
  • a (near) beginner coach (yay!) who wishes to see a model you might easily use even in difficult (coaching) situations
  • so eager and can’t wait to be your own observer or watch what your clients see and hear when you are working
  • interested in gaining practical knowledge with the process of microanalysis of face-to-face dialogue
  • a trainer of coaches who would like refresh yourself and your methodological toolkit to help your learners more effectively

Notes: This session requires you to bring a recording device (e.g. devices with a built-in camera and mic such as your smartphones or tablets, or a video camera) and a headset for you to use when transcribing

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) from our executives have intrigued brilliant conversations as they are often on a quest to “make” positive differences in their life for themselves and others.This is a recorded workshop from the SOLWOrld conference in Budapest 2019.

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Listen to an interivew with Haesun Moon talking about hope.

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This interview was made during her visit to Finland where she gave a workshop on coaching to the students of Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute.

haesun moon

Co-Director of the Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching

My life is “full of pleasant surprises” meeting many practitioners, searchers and researchers, and some skeptics with good questions that provoke meaningful dialogues. I deeply care about how we use dialogue to shape our everyday whether at work or at home, and I believe that changing private and public dialogues start with a small difference in how we use ordinary words. As a form of a purposeful dialogue, I take joy in introducing coaching in executive education so that leaders can engage in life-giving dialogues at work first by experiencing transformative learning in themselves.